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Dev consulting agency agriculture development in Africa

DEV Consulting Agency is a team of professionals, sharing a passion for inclusive development.
Our mission is to enable entrepreneurial solutions for food security and nutrition in Africa.

We want to see sustainable organizations thriving with indigenous innovations and we believe that through education and collaboration, we can make it happen.

Technology offers us the tools to leapfrog barriers. Human centered design and business modelling are key to deploy them successfully and at scale.
We are here to help organizations make it happen. 

As a purpose-led organization, independent and impact-focussed, we consider our clients as partners in our mission and seek to work with them over the long term to achieve tangible results. We facilitate cross-sectoral collaborations and ecosystem dialogues that open doors to new frontiers of possibilities.


DEV Consulting Projects

Dev Consulting Agency is focused on enabling entrepreneurial solutions in Africa since 2010.

Future Agro Challenge

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The largest global platform for innovators in the food value chain. We tailored the global pitch competition framework to the Mozambican reality.

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Digital Agri Hub

A consortium of private, non-corporate and public sector partners committed to agriculture development in Mozambique. 



DEV Consulting agency Africa Attitude+

A+ (Positive Attitude) is designed to inspire, support and guide young teenage girls to develop their careers.

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SANBio FemBioBiz

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Incubation and acceleration program aimed at scouting biotech innovation by women lead businesses and female graduating students.

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Social Venture Building

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We match and seed fund talents, markets and innovation to start up social enterprises. We are interested in funding innovation designed by the principles of the circular economy.

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Why Work With Us?

We have 3 key assets created over 10 years of work.
Market Understanding

We have a deep understanding of emerging African markets and business solutions in low-income contexts.

Expert Network

We have a network of experts with extensive sector and country expertise, sharing our passion for inclusive, innovative solutions.

Proven Methodologies

We are ecosystem builders. We catalyze strategic partnerships, facilitate project design, attract resources. We build capacity for effective implementation through business development services, advisory services and training.

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Our strategic Partners

We believe that through education and collaboration, we can make it happen.
partner agriculture development africa

Since 2011

partner agriculture development africa

Since 2013

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Since 2016


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About us

We believe that together, we can make it happen.

What we do

Enabling entrepreneurial solutions for food agriculture.

Where we are

Based in Mozambique, spread all over Africa.