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Dev consulting agency agriculture development

Future Agro Challenge | Project design and Implementation by DEV Consulting

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The largest global platform for innovators and agriculture development in the food value chain.

DEV has tailored the global Pitch competition framework to the reality of Mozambique.  Since we attracted the Government and the most reputable organizations to partner and support the initiative, The Future Agro Challenge became a:

  • National program in Mozambique, capacitating agri-businesses on investment readiness and innovative production practices, a place where also discuss trends in agribusiness in the Country.
  • The portfolio to scout the most innovative and funding ready SMEs in the sector.

More on the global event or to participate: 

Dev consulting agency agriculture development

SANBio FemBioBiz | Project Design And Implementation By DEV Consulting

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We implemented in Mozambique the Regional program of the NEPAD SANBio Network for women entrepreneurs.
The FemBioBiz is a capacity building, incubation and acceleration program aimed at scouting biotech innovation by women lead businesses and female graduating students. 

The women selected in the program access training, individual coaching, a pitch competition, funding opportunities.
The most promising were selected for 6 months acceleration program.

In our first 3 editions of SANBio FemBioBiz we trained over 70 women entrepreneurs, incubated 25, accelerated 10 businesses.

For more info: www.nepadsanbio.org

Dev consulting agency agriculture development

Digital Agri Hub | Born for agriculture development in Africa

Dev consulting agency agriculture development

We founded and led a consortium of private, non-corporate and public sector partners committed to agriculture development in Mozambique. 

The Digital Agri hub catalyzes AgTech products, tailor them to the Mozambican reality, attracts resources and promotes the partnerships needed to implement the solutions successfully in rural areas, for increased agricultural competitiveness and inclusion.

For more info, contact us at: digitalagrihub@devconsulting.org

Dev consulting agency agriculture development

ON_IT | The African community of digital innovators

Dev consulting agency agriculture development

Through our members and affiliates, we are the largest African community of digital innovators, developing solutions and skills for the challenges of today, preparing our continent to lead tomorrow.

Companies need digital solutions and talents with digital skills. 
Youth need hands on experiences that prepare them to the world of work.

Our Academy trains on the job a cohort of selected talents by challenging them to create solutions to solve corporate problems.


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Social Venture Building | we are looking for talents

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We match and seed fund Talents, Markets & Innovation to startup social enterprises.
We seek for young local talents to train, coach and mentor along the process.

We are particularly interested to fund innovation that is designed by the principles of the circular economy and leads to higher food security, nutrition.

If you want to present us your ideas or fund our portfolio, contact us at:


DEV Consulting agency Africa

Attitude+ | the empowerment program for young women

DEV Consulting agency Africa

We designed and launched A+ (Positive Attitude) to inspire, support and guide young teenage girls (13-17yrs) to develop their careers.
We build a virtual community, capitalize social media to amplify stories of successful role model women from the community and challenge girls to set high goals for themselves.

We support them to attain entrepreneurial skills, develop business acumen, develop a career plan and develop the agency they need to pursue it, despite gender norms affecting them in their everyday life.

The program engages corporate partners to promote employee volunteering opportunities to its staff, particularly mid- and senior-level women, who are invited to share their life and career stories with adolescent girls. 

For more info, contact us at: positiveattitude@devconsulting.org


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